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Just favorited Drops Of Honey 3 by DOC TV on Mixcloud

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Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1927-April 17, 2014)

I enjoyed his books. I was always lost in is his world those splendid days of reading.

Such a rebel.

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1927-2014.  Gabriel García Márquez.  Rest in peace.

RIP to a legend.

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So called ‘late-bloomers’ get a bad rap. Sometimes the people with the greatest potential often take the longest to find their path because their sensitivity is a double edged sword- it lives at the heart of their brilliance, but it also makes them more susceptible to life’s pains. Good thing we aren’t being penalized for handing in our purpose late. The soul doesn’t know a thing about deadlines.
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Accurate, relevant, applicable.

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What I admire about tumblr is the chance to immerse myself in images, sounds, words of so many. Filter through the many and find connections. Filter through the many and Eureka moments that cause smiles. The next step, get off this chair and see what is out there.

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Lost in something
Lost in reverie but blocked by sanity
Blocked by regret
Blocked by fear

A rumbling beneath my breath
Fight within my soul
Want within my step
Fire where sight unfolds

Visions of greatness
Possible, potential
Forever dreaming
Forever daring

To be strong
To be change
To be
To not exist
To be


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