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dark chocolate
three hours to read important poetry in a lazy fashion
seventy degrees at 7pm
glint off metallic paint as a Chevelle rounds a corner
new friends who get you immediately
old friends who adapt to your transformations
barbells and the clang of plates
desire for good fame built slow
desire for good money built even slower
conversations that make you praise consonants
heartache making you glad for vowels
late night pauses
whims over worries
budding of yourself into new mountains and forests
purity of the honest friend
allure of a forthright enemy
the sacred what’s next
live and let live as a foundation philosophy
the use of your body beyond expectations
the concordance of your flesh with air with sand with sweat
the knowledge you are living each day, a wild thing
and the joy of knowing how many cages they make for your mind
for it speaks of the god vibe within, the divine yeah
the everlasting imagination no propaganda has touched yet
and you at any minute—the possibility of you
turning into the Real Thing You
feel that breath skip—shiver that timber
fall into it, lean, sway, swerve
Just get there Glorious
and get there
King Stimie (via howitzerliterarysociety)
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What's up with the Oxford comma?



Before we get into the inevitable debate over the usefulness of the Oxford comma, let’s first figure out what it is.


The Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma, is the comma used just before the conjunction (usually “and” or “or”) that precedes the

Omg. Yes! I support the Oxford comma

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